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Lindy Ave Krankheit

Lindy Ave Krankheit /\ Lindy Ave is a German track and field athlete who competes in the T38 starting class.

Her areas of expertise are the long jump, the long and short sprints, and the triple jump. She ran the 400 meters at a world record time in 2021,

Lindy Ave Krankheit
Lindy Ave Krankheit

which allowed her to win the Paralympic gold medal. Additionally, Ave will compete in the relay.

Lindy Ave completed her secondary schooling in Neubrandenburg in 2014 and then moved to Greifswald so that she could continue her studies while still pursuing a career in athletics.

She finished her training as a cleaner in the months leading up to the 2018 IPC European Championships in Berlin, which took place in August of that year.

Ave began attending this state school for the handicapped around nine years ago on the recommendation of her physician.

With the assistance of a sports workshop organized by the Holiday and Sports Club for the disabled, she was able to participate in the guy.

She participated in swimming and athletics training and was successful in both sports. She was able to win in the framework of the club sport at SC Neubrandenburg. She was also successful in both sports.

Ave first participated in athletic contests in the year 2010.

She relocated to the State Training Center in Greifswald the next year (2014). Since that time, the HSG University of Greifswald’s preparations in the field of sports have been the primary emphasis.

In 2015, Ave participated in the IWAS World Junior Games in Stadskanaal (Luxembourg). While there, she won the world championships in the 100-meter dash,

the four-by-hundred-meter relay event, and the long jump at 200 meters. Additionally, she was the representative for the long jump at 200 meters.

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Lindy Ave KrankheitNicht verfügbar
Lindy Ave Krankheit

At the Grand Prix Final in London, she won all three of her matches right away. Taking the air up the 100-meter path.

At the IPC European Championships held in Grosseto in 2016, Ave completed each of her 200-meter races in the top five, earning a total of one hundred and twenty points (Italy).

And after that lengthy leap, you’ll arrive at the sixth chamber, where you may finally breathe. At the IWAS U23 World Games held in Goldene Stadt,

Ave not only validated her instruction but also won the world championship in the hundred, the two hundred, and the three hundred meter events.

In the long jump, there was room to breathe. She won the U20 title in both the long jump and the 100 meters at the International German Championships (IDM) in Kitchener.

Her victories helped her earn the title of Kraut’s champion in both events. about the two hundred meters that were used for the fourth buffer.

Finally, Ave received a nomination to compete in the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro de Janeiro, where she finished in personal top position in the hundred-meter race,

with space to breathe between sides thirteen, twenty, and the number five. Ave’s personal best in the long jump increased by 2 centimeters to 4.47 meters,

and she placed in sixth place in the free space category. The season best for Claudia and Nicole Nicoleitzik was a fourth-place finish in the four-by-one hundred-meter relay, which they achieved with the assistance of Maria Seifert.

At the IPC World Championships in London in 2017, Ave finished in second place each time with a personal best, got bronze in the one hundred meter sprint, and also achieved four in the long jump. Buffer.

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Lindy Ave Krankheit

The Olympic Stadium in Tokyo The final over 400 meters in the starting class T38 for athletes suffering from cerebral palsy is planned to take place at the Paralympics.

Lindy Ave, a sprinter from Germany, is concentrating on lane number five. Even though it is pouring rain, the 23-year-old competitor seems unfazed by the subpar circumstances of the race.

The phrase “Ready, set,” which is spoken over the loudspeakers, is followed by the starting signal being activated.

Ave launches herself with tremendous force off the starting block and begins to run the race that is her life.

Lindy Avenue, the first of eight racers on the drenched track, completed the race by crossing the finish line precisely one minute and 400 meters after the race had begun.

On the display board, a yellow box with the letters “WR” appears to indicate that the time of 1:00:00 minutes is now the new world record time.

It is already the second medal in Tokyo for the native of Neu-Brandenburg, who won bronze in the 100 meters earlier in the competition. This achievement came after just six months of training.

Lindy Avenue could not believe her good fortune. After her outstanding performance, the Greifswald native,

who is 23 years old, said that she “would never have dreamed in my life that it would be enough for gold.

” Ave’s victory in the 400-meter event at the Paralympics in Tokyo was capped off by a world record performance.

The competition was held in the pouring rain, and the protégé of Heike Kemmler-Westphal, who suffers from cerebral palsy, won in precisely 1:00.00 minutes. Germany has already won a total of 13 gold medals in these Ol

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ympic Games.On the ARD sports broadcast, Ave said, “I couldn’t be more thrilled!” The native of Neubrandenburg.

had only a week earlier earned her first medal at the Paralympics with a bronze over the 100-meter distance, and she may now anticipate awards totalling 30,000 euros.

“The city is nothing more than a massive maelstrom of asphalt and roads. However, the locals are known for their kind hospitality.

They must all have backs since that is the number of times that bows take place during the day.

“Everyone in the gym turns their heads whenever he puts on his t-shirt for practice. But in reality, he seems to have been painted to seem like the sexiest guy alive.

Top performer over a distance of 400 meters and runner-up in the long jump: Lindy Ave, who is 20 years old,

competed at the Para European Championships for track and field athletes in Berlin. She ended up winning two medals: a gold and a silver. In addition to that, she has a message that she wants to share with people.

A truly fantastic endeavor that has been successful is the promotion of talent at our educational institution.

We have been successful in achieving our aim of promoting outstanding athletes with a handicap at the same premier sports schools as athletes without a disability and offering them the same possibilities.

The significant objective of “Youth trains for Paralympics” has been accomplished and is now a reality.

And the subsequent stars are already in the beginning stages of their careers. At the national final, which will take place in Berlin,

ten athletes will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt. We are excited about this upcoming event.

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