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Die Hofers Alter

Die Hofers Alter /\The name “Hofer von Passeyr” refers to a family that originates in the Passeier Valley and that was elevated to the ranks of the Austrian nobility in 1809 and 1818, respectively.

The most notable member of this family was Andreas Hofer (1767–1810), a Tyrolean freedom warrior who rose to prominence during his lifetime. The male line of this family was extinguished in 1921.

Die Hofers Alter
Die Hofers Alter

He and his wife, who was from Heiligkreuz, had a total of 15 children, but only seven of them reached maturity.

Joseph (1823-1848) and Johann (1829-1869), two of his sons, both served as officers in the 22nd Kaiserjager company. Joseph was born in 1823, while Johann was born in 1829.

In the moments leading up to the Battle of Goito, Joseph Hofer Edler von Passeyr was killed while serving as a lieutenant at the age of 25.

In his report on the conflict, Field Marshal Radetzky made a special reference to the fact that Andreas Hofer’s grandson had been killed, and the Emperor gave orders for the deceased man to be buried in the Hofkirche in Innsbruck.

Just before to the Battle of Goito, Piedmontese forces captured Johann and took him prisoner. Later, when he was a lieutenant in the Kaiserjager, he took part in the campaign that the imperial army fought against the Hungarians who were rebelling.

Her brother Karl (1824–1887) began his career as a member of the Tyrolean Riflemen, afterwards worked as a mining official in Salzburg, and ended his career as the director of the Reich Finance Archive in Vienna.

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Field Marshal Radetzky was the godfather of his oldest daughter Franziska (1850–1923), and she participated in Joachim Haspinger’s 50th jubilee as a wreath bride.

Die Hofers Alter25 years
Die Hofers Alter

Franziska died in 1923. Haspinger was also responsible for the baptism of Andreas, who was born in 1854 and died in 1882.

Andreas was one of the great-grandchildren of his former soldier friend Andreas Hofer.

Later in life, he joined the Imperial and Royal Navy via the intercession of Archduke Ferdinand Max, and he passed away at the age of 28 at the naval port of Pola.

Ferdinand Hofer (1836–1859), the fourth grandson of Andreas Hofer, fought as a first lieutenant in the 54th Infantry Regiment and was fatally wounded at the Battle of Magenta. He passed away as a result of his injuries.

His brother Andreas, who lived from 1833 to 1881, served as commander of the Tyrolean riflemen and owned the property known as Sandwirt.

He also earned a PhD in law and went on to work for the government. After beginning his career as an actuary at a district office in Amstetten , he later became a notary in Vienna.

After 1861, he was elected to serve as a member of the House of Representatives of the Austrian Imperial Council, which had just been established at that time.

Under the moniker “Hofers,” three musically talented sisters from the southeasternmost part of the Passeier Valley have garnered prominence in the world of the music business.

At least in terms of their musical careers, the Hofer siblings have been active since the year 2000.

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Die Hofers Alter

Johannes, who plays the role of the rooster in the basket, together with his sisters Elisabeth and Bettina, performs a vibrant, down-to-earth style of Styrian music.

Johanna Knabl, a teacher at the music school in Pollau-Vorau-Joglland, taught Johannes, the group’s youngest member, how to play the Styrian harmonica.

Johannes is now the group’s youngest member. There are times when his sisters force him to pluck the strings of the double bass.

Elisabeth is the most versatile member of our group; in addition to playing the Styrian dulcimer, she also plays the Styrian harmonica and, on occasion, the wooden bell.

She inherited this talent from our kind spirit, as did her brother, as well as from our “musical foster mom,” Johanna.

In addition to learning how to play the piano, the violin, and the cello at the music school with Mag. Rainer Potz and Mag. Gudrun Derler, she is also taking singing lessons with Mag. Gudrun Derler.

The guitarist Bettina finishes out the ensemble with her (often not so soulful) plucking, which was taught to her by Andreas Heiling and Mag.

Ramona Oswald. She sometimes enjoys playing a rather bigger instrument, the double bass, when she has the want to do so and when she is in the mood.

When it comes to the finer things in life, we put our faith in a certain characteristic that we possess.

Our standards of taste, aesthetics, service, and quality are high, and they remain the same regardless of the setting in which you choose to drink our schnapps.

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The foundations of faultless, unadulterated spirits and an exceptional, individualized experience are care and the highest quality raw ingredients.

We are able to ensure the exquisite and one-of-a-kind flavor of our products by storing them in traditional barrels, using the highest quality production techniques, and using cutting-edge bottling equipment.

The Hofers told a touching tale of two people falling in love in their latest hit, “Du keach in m

ei Lebm.” The song evokes heartfelt pictures of the outdoors and conveys the sensation of being in love as well as the sense of love itself.

Due to the fact that they sing in three parts, the Hofers are able to produce their own unique sound.

The new song by The Hofers is ideal for the chilly season since it makes you want to be cozy with someone.

The ennobled descendants of Andreas Hofer had the following coat of arms: quadrant; 1 in gold the Tyrolean eagle facing inwards;

2 in red a green laurel wreath bound in gold at the lower end; 3 in red on green ground, a rugged rock,

and in front of it a natural Tyrolean shooter dressed in traditional attire (black hat, brown skirt, black trousers with red suspenders, white stockings, and black shoes),

le (reference to the fortress of Mantua). A black and gold double-headed eagle grows out of the crest of the helmet, which has a golden crest. Covered in crimson and gold is the helmet.

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